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End of Lease


Move Out Cleaning

End of Lease Cleaning comes across a very popular option for residents who wish to move out of the rental property. There are several formalities which must be fulfilled, followed by a proper clean-up of the property. With effective move out cleaning services offered by JD Bond Cleaning in Brisbane, experience out-of-the-box services focussing on significant attributes rather promising unnecessarily.

We have a knack for perfection, and have appointed a full-skilled team of professionals who are a master in their genre of profession.

Why Us?

Confidence is good, but the hard work that trails off the page must not be underestimated. Similar is the case with end-of lease cleaning, as it requires hard work and focus while implementing best ideas to execute the required task. Leave it to us, as we have an ample experience in carrying out a detailed performance without any concern.

We concentrate on every area, and deliver up-to-down cleaned up property within a stipulated time frame. We try not to disturb the residents, and work professionally with best intentions. Some of the household areas under end of lease cleaning include:

  • Carpet steaming and cleaning
  • Fly screen wiping
  • Mould elimination
  • Bedrooms, Living Areas, Hallways
  • Garage, Balcony, Patio
  • Kitchen
  • Windows
  • Bathroom and Laundry

Don’t worry about the rate, as we establish industry-approved price packages at affordable equation. We try to save time, energy and skills on both ends- delivering what’s best for you!